The Affair was conceived after Stephen Bridge suffered a night of whisky fuelled lamentation re the elusive nature of reciprocal love. A song was written in the hope of reclaiming a sense of validation. Sleep followed and then, in the first blink of the hangover which arrived with the morning sun the following day, an idea was formed - Love was for others, and melody was the remedy for the malady. So form a band and call it "The Affair".

And god bless him, that's exactly what he did....

The Affair (currently), consists of Stephen Bridge (vocals, guitar), and Ash Boughey (bass, backing vocals). Other members are sought and still believed to exist, but like The Yeti, none have been caught and there is little evidence of their actual existence. However, necessity (as always), is the mother of invention - so the pair have determined to concentrate on building their craft on the solid foundations of an acoustic set, a set which they are actively honing at Open Mic nights which take place within walking distance of Ash's house. 

Little is known of Stephen Bridge prior to him forming The Affair. However, it should be noted, that rumours of his relation to Steven Briggs or Stephen Ellis (formerly of The Spectators - (e.g. Another Man's Name  or Death Throes ), or seb_7 , are entirely unconfirmed....

Ash Boughey offers a wealth of experience garnered from duties within long standing rock outfit Fibrestream . Ash is currently undergoing facial reconstruction surgery to remove his  pout (which has become a permanent facial expression following repeated Fibrestream performances), so please don't be put off from attending an appearance by The Affair if you have poutaphobia. Also note, that permanent pouting is a serious medical condition and poutaphobia will not be tolerated.

Readers should be aware that the pair are not actually having an affair. Neither be that between themselves nor with other third parties. Stephen Bridge is reported to remain open to suitable offers though.